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Marijuana is stupid, honestly its gross and people shouldn't be smoking it. It gets you nowhere in life, and you become addicted to it and it kills your brain cells and you become stupid. Its not good for your health.



I seriously had to stretch before I responded to this, even though you are entitled to your opinion, I’m about to educate your anon ass.

First of all, "it gets you nowhere in life" If you consider “nowhere” as being the President of the FUCKING UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, i guess you’re right.

Oh he just tried it as a kid

Well I can name at least  25 successful people (here’s a list of 200) that have smoked marijuana (off the top of my pot smoke clouded head).

No you can’t

Well fucking watch me,

  1. Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
  2. Michael Phelps- Yea most decorated Olympian, EVER.
  3. Newt Gingrich
  4. George Soros
  5. Jon Stewart
  6. Bill Gates- You know the guy you can thank for developing the software your computer is probably using.
  7. Mayor Michael Bloomberg
  8. Bill Maher
  9. Al Gore
  10. Maya Angelou
  11. David Letterman
  12. Morgan Freeman- Most people know him as Batman’s gadget guy, or that guy with the heavenly voice, or God.
  13. Stephen King
  14. Sir Richard Branson- Yea Sir as in Knighted by the fucking Queen of England.
  15. Aaron Sorkin
  16. Ted Turner
  17. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  18. Conan O’Brien
  19. Dr. Francis Crick- co-discoverer of the structure of DNA molecule, while being pot addicted, brain dead, stupid and unhealthy.
  20. Emperor Shen-Nung- Made first known medical recommendation for its use.
  21. Emperor Liu Chi-nu- Is that two fucking Emperors of China.
  22. Gary Johnson
  23. Jimi Hendrix
  24. Jim Morrison
  25. Johnny Cash

Yea, pot gets you nowhere in life.

Secondly, “You become addicted”. Okay you are right there, some, let me repeat that, some smokers exhibit symptoms similar to addiction, but this dependence is purely psychological.

They’re still addicted.

No, you uneducated little shit, marijuana particularly the psychoactive chemical found in it, Tetrahydrocannabinol (you might have heard of it as THC) has no addictive qualities. Not like, I don’t know Heroin, or Crack, which are made up of addictive substances that your body actually craves for after using them.

The psychological dependance is brought on by the users mind, and very few people succumb to that, as opposed to Alcohol, which you probably drink frequently.

But wait! There’s more nonsense, “it kills your brain cells and you become stupid.” Okay again I must give you credit, smoking marijuana does kill brain cells, but guess what it’s not the marijuana that kills it, it’s the smoking part. When smoking a joint, the only thing that actively kills brain cells are the toxins found in the smoke that is created from burning the paper.

Even then the amount of cells killed are minimalistic compared to the damage taken on by the brain when someone smokes a cigarette or drinks alcohol (which are both legal mind you).

BUT with that said, we stoners, being the idiots we are have found other alternatives to prevent the toxins from entering our bodies entirely, such as using bongs, vaporizers, and eating edibles.

And finally, "Its not good for your health." Just so you know, the studies that sparked this whole, it’s not good for your health, garbage were done in the 50’s on monkeys, that were strapped to a respirator and essentially suffocated with marijuana smoke.

Now, the studies being done today are proving that it is not only beneficial to your health but it also combats illnesses.


Just ask the Miracle Baby that had an inoperable tumor and was treated with cannabis oil (remember those healthy alternatives I was talking about, failed to mention this one).

Marijuana has also stopped seizures in children, helped people that are suffering from depression and anxiety. Guess what, it also lowers the level of insulin resistance in the body, which is a precursor to diabetes.

Well holy fucking shit, that seems pretty fucking unhealthy to me.

Next time you want to come and spew a bunch of ignorant garbage at us, please be sure to know what you’re talking about, and don’t just shit out the same garbage (warning I’m about to sound like the hippie I am) the government wants you to think.

Educate yourself. I fucking did.

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What is your view of Marijuana in today’s society?

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